Flight 93 Memorial Chorus

Flight 93 Memorial Chorus was formed by Jeff Avey to honor the heroes of United Flight
93which went down at Shanksville, Pa. on September 11th. A chorus of over 100 men
sang at the 10th anniversary dedication of the National Memorial at Shanksville.
This dedication of the Flight 93 Memorial was well populated with former Presidents Bush and Clinton
and many other dignitaries. The Chorus has performed many concerts since that day and will perform again this (2014) season.

The chorus is an all male chorus singing patriotic and inspirational music in four part harmony.
The chorus is open to all males, young and old, with desire and dedication to learn and perform this music.

Sheet music and learning tracks are available to facilitate the learning process.

Here is a slide show that documents our experience at the 10th anniversary dedication at Shanksville.

Slide Show